Web desing and HTML template

Design is the hart of the website.. If design is well structured then its easy to understand and surfing for the end user..
We are doing design step by step so its easy to understand for all customers

Step 1: Free Consultation
First and most important step of website design is consultation about the requirement, we feel like if once we consultation and understand requirement properly then base on that we can do best design..

Step 2: Review Content and Photographs
After consultation and analyse the requirement we can start the gather content and images / Photographs related to project requirement..

Step 3: Layout Finalization
After start design using contents and photographs i will do best design and show to you.. and base on your feedback we do necessary changes and complete design for home page.

Step 4: Designing Other Pages
After finalise home page design and approved by you then we are starting other pages design..

Step 5: Testing and Convert Design to HTML template / site.
After done all pages design we are working form convert PSD design to HTML template. And finally we test it in all major browser and do template compatible to all browsers..

Our Expertise

  • Logo Desing
  • Banner Desing
  • Layour Desing
  • Fonts / Color combination
  • Flash and Actionscript
  • Jquery,Prototype,Bootstrap,Mootools